shantiigundrop: Are you going to be having a booth at Puerto Rico Comic Con in 2015? Please say yes. I really wanna buy stuff from you and like meet you in person. You're so awesome


I’ll have 2 tables this time!

theprophetchuck: Can I ask for specific size info on the sweatshirts? Are these unisex/mens sizes or are they women sizes? And would it be possible to look anywhere online for a size chart? (Like from the brand that makes the sweaters these will be printed on?)


They’re unisex/men size they do run a little big.

Here is a chart for the sizes.

Hope it helps <33

bunny-bloodbath: Are you going to restock the 'fat' sweaters because I NEED one. ♡

I’ll try to do a restocking of the pink ones since I’ll be making a new order of the BLACK version <3

thesecretotakugirl: Are you guys planning to do more Free! Iwatobi Swim Club merch? I bought from u guys a lot at comic con so I would love to see more of your work! is so kowaii yet kawaii ~\(≧◡≦)

Im making the other boys and hopefully get them done this week <3